July 3, 2013: Shakopee, Minnesota:

Betaseed held its first Feed Beet Field Day in Glendale, AZ on June 24, 2013. This event demonstrated the ease of growing, harvesting and processing sugar beets to be used for dairy feed. The beets, which were planted last November, were harvested using Amity harvest equipment during the demonstration.

After the harvesting demo, the group went to Rovey Dairy.  Different ways of preparing the beets for feed were demonstrated and discussed. An equipment demonstration showed the ease of washing, de-stoning and chipping the harvested beets in one process.   The freshly chipped beets were mixed with alfalfa and fed to dairy cows. The cows preferred eating the beets over the alfalfa, moving the alfalfa out of the way in order to reach the beets.

Feed Beets are a new industry for Betaseed. Beets which currently are only grown for refined sugar, can be easily grown in all areas to be used as an economical source of food for dairy and beef cattle. Feed beets offer the right balance of sugar and digestible fiber, which are key to cow health and productivity.

Betaseed, Inc. is headquartered in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Press contact – Cindy Suplinski
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