Commercial Field Supervisor

Betaseed is the leading sugarbeet seed brand for growers in North America. Sugarbeet growers have been trusting Betaseed for over 40 years to provide them with knowledge, variety performance and technical support in sugarbeet production.  Betaseed’s commitment to produce a diverse, high quality portfolio of seed varieties complimented by trait technology and treatment illustrates why Betaseed will continue to be a pioneer and industry leader. Betaseed…where Research Breeds Confidence.



Manage commercial field production activities focusing on quality steck production and pure seed while utilizing resources effectively and efficiently


Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Arizona Steck Nursery Program August through January:

    • Satisfy Arizona Steck Nursery acreage requests
    • Establish and maintain a working relationship with the Arizona Steck Nursery growers ensuring grower and Betaseed expectations are mutually understood. (Includes selection of Nursery fields, proper Steck Nursery field preparation, planting of the seed, irrigation, disease and weed mitigation and other agronomic practices required to produce a quality steck, including rogueing, resulting in maximum usable stecks per steck acre at steck harvest.)
    • Accurately record and report all steck nursery information.

  • Document:

    • Create detailed field maps of all steck Nursery plantings following SOP’s
    • Take detailed, electronic field notes through-out the season (examples below)

      • Harvest and planting dates
      • Fertilizer, fungicide, herbicide application date and rates
      • Regular plant status/evaluations (estimated usable stecks, steck size, health, uniformity, disease, etc.)
      • Shipping and receiving inventory tracking and traceability
      • Complete all paperwork and processes as directed through regulated agencies and Betaseed SOP’s

  • Plant Arizona Commercial Steck Nurseries and harvest Arizona stecks:

    • Follow SOP’s for making Steck Nursery maps and marking variety locations within the nursery
    • Seed and steck inventory management
    • Manage contract labor teams to ensure the correct seed items are planted in the appropriate location within the Steck Nursery fields.
    • Organize stecks harvest to insure proper stecks size and soil conditions to optimize digging and processing of the stecks

  • Develop and improve cultural Steck Nursery field practices:

    • Field bed preparation/maintenance prior to planting and during field use (lime, fertilizer, fungicide, herbicide, etc.) and irrigation management
    • Advise growers and manage Betaseed employees and contract labor to implement agronomic practices to yield a high quality steckling for transplanting
    • Execute accurate timing for steck planting and harvest
    • Identify problems early and implement solutions in a timely manner minimizing/eliminating quality and purity risk

  • Travel is required:

    • Extensive travel is required both in and outside of the State of Oregon

  • Assist with other Betaseed seed production activities at other locations as deemed necessary by Betaseed:

    • Washington Seed production program April through June
    • Oregon Steck Nursery harvest and transplanting, February through March
    • Steck Nursery planting in Oregon, July
    • Special projects as needed



  • Bachelor’s Degree (prefer a concentration in agriculture)
  • 3-5 years of field experience (prefer crop management experience)Able to obtain a Private Pesticide Applicator’s License
  • Require a reliable, motivated self-starter with leadership and organizational skills
  • Ability to multitask is imperative
  • Capable of using MS Excel and familiarity with Windows based applications
  • Ability drive a forklift and pull a loaded trailer
  • Ability to pass background check and must have valid driver’s license.

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Completive salary andbenefits that include insurance, 401k, PTO, pension, and performance bonus