Product details

BTS 3325

The early starter

Tolerance: Rizomania

  • Consistent performer in trials and on farm
  • High adjusted tonnes: 101,5
  • High sugar yield: 101,3
  • Very high sugar content: 18,2%
  • Good ESB and NSB characteristics

With the ban of neonicotinoid seed treatments there will likely be a move towards earlier drilling to reduce the risk of infected aphids of virus yellows infecting the growing crop, BBRO suggest that growers should aim to get the developing crop to the 12 leaf stage as early as practical to reduce the risk of virus inoculation by aphids. Early sown bolting tolerance for varieties to be sown early is a key desirable characteristic and BTS 3325 has shown proven performance in this testing situation.

BTS 3325 has shown the potential to out-yield many of the traditional varieties in this early drilling group sector with the additional benefits of very high sugar content and good overall disease resistance attributes. This combined with its consistency of performance on farm has made it a preferred variety of choice for repeat orders from growers looking for security in a sugar beet variety.




In order to work out the number of units required for sowing, please enter your planned sugarbeet acreage. Then adjust the row spacing and the distance between seeds, using the slide bar.

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