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BTS 1915 tops the 2021 BBRO Recommended List with a huge step-up in yields

Yielding a massive 5% more than any other variety on the 2021 BBRO Recommended List, BTS 1915 leads the pack, with an adjusted tonne yield of 108.1% and a high sugar content of 17.7%.

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Sugar Beet genetics come to the fore

Yield along with key agronomic characteristics are essential in a sugar beet variety for Beeswax Dyson Farming Ltd agronomist Ben Abell.

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BTS 4100 News
BTS 4100: the highest sugar content on the 2020 BBRO Reccomended List.

BTS 4100 joins the 2020 BBRO Recommended List with the highest sugar content of any sugar beet variety, whilst also offering high yields and low bolting counts at early sowing.

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Sugar beet genetics continue to deliver higher yields with good sugar content.

Newly recommended sugar beet variety BTS 1140 reflects the increasing yield potential of sugar beet.

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