About us

Betaseed is a strong partner to growers and industry partners around the globe. Our objective is to make sugarbeet growing easier and more productive by providing high yielding sugarbeet crops and tolerance packages in exceptional quality. In addition, our customers are supported by new approaches, tools and concepts beyond seed in order to achieve the highest possible revenue for their operation.
With its roots in the land of opportunity, Betaseed was founded in 1969 in Minnesota, USA. Today Betaseed operates in 19 regions around the world. Activities in Europe, Africa, and Asia are coordinated from the headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and further subsidiaries in the countries.


The Betaseed Team will be happy to help you

Here are the coordinates of our collaborators for any information request.

Bram Van der Have

Limagrain UK Sugar Beet Consultant

(44) 7 802 775 709


Ron Granger

Limagrain Sugar Beet Manager

(44) 7702 961 384


Tim Richmond

Limagrain UK Sugar Beet Commercial Manager

(44) 7774 929 747


Benoît Rose

Betaseed Commercial Director

(33) 3 21 64 69 61