Expertise in resistance breeding

Know-How through experience

As experts in resistance breeding, we are constantly developing new and high-performance varieties that are adapted to the special requirements of a wide range of growing regions. Our know-how is based on the extensive experience of our American colleagues. Varieties with up to 8 different resistances are already grown there today.

Resistance packages as the key to success

We also see greater challenges for the market outside of North America due to the ban of pesticides and seed treatments, the increasing importance of sustainable production, the centralisation of beet growing areas and the resulting narrower crop rotations. Currently our portfolio already includes solutions for nematodes, cercospora, rhizoctonia or multisource, but also new systems like CONVISO® SMART. Our special focus is on leaf diseases and root rot. Global product screenings will also give new solutions for certain issues such as yellowing virus or Syndrome Basse Richesse (SBR).

Thinking about tomorrow today

A long-term perspective concerning our product development and breeding programs is important to us. Since the development of new varieties and resistances -especially for your growing region- takes its time, we certainly think about tomorrow today. Through a permanent and close exchange with our customers and partners, we try to evaluate future needs and market requirements. In order to be able to offer you high-performance varieties with comprehensive resistance packages for your region in the future, too, and thus maintain competitiveness and further accelerate breeding progress, our trial activities extend from Europe to Africa and Asia. This way we can make sure that we will continue to support you with our know-how and expertise in the future to provide you with powerful, resistant genetics that will make your sugarbeet cultivation successful tomorrow!