Sugarbeet Diseases

Beet Armyworm

Beet armyworms get their name from the unique habit of moving in large numbers from field to field when overcrowded or when the food supply is exhausted.

Root Maggot

The sugarbeet root maggot may be the most destructive insect pest of sugarbeet in North America.

Leaf Hopper

This pest thrives in the semi–arid regions of the western United States. While direct feeding on sugarbeet plants causes only minor damage,...

Scientific name – Pemphigus betae

Root Aphid

The sugar beet root aphid can cause severe damage to non-tolerant varieties, mainly occurring in Michigan, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana.

White, lemon-shaped cysts that turn brown later are a clear sign of infestation with sugar beet nematode (Heterodera schachtii)

Sugar Beet Cyst Nematode (SBCN)

Parasitic nematodes feed on plant roots. They survive in soil and plant tissues and several species may exist in a field.