Betaseed Seed Quality

Betaseed Seed Quality

The process of developing and marketing high quality seed is unique to Betaseed as each phase of the go-to-market process is controlled solely by Betaseed specialists, and no one else. Given this structure, seed quality, and management of the quality process, is completely controlled by customer-committed staff who work tirelessly to ensure that each seed lot meets or exceeds rigorous standards.

High sugarbeet seed quality is the primary goal of our committed staff. Seed performance doesn’t just happen - it’s the product of years of breeding, testing, monitoring, and seed enhancements that have sugarbeets performing consistently in grower’s fields year after year. Rigorous qualitative and quantitative tests are conducted to confirm that each seed lot meets the standards required by Betaseed when marketing and distributing Betaseed varieties. These tests include:

  • Visual inspection – seed samples are taken when seed arrives at the processing facility. Each lot is visually inspected for weed seed, sticks and other small, extraneous materials. Any lot audited that does not meet visual inspection standards is rejected, re-cleaned, and retested.

  • Germination – Seed embryo quality is tested to confirm that embryos meet strict germination standards. All seed lots are tested a minimum of six times during the seed production and processing stages. Seed not meeting the standards is typically rejected and left unused.

  • Seed viability – An x-ray machine confirms that each seed contains a viable embryo. Any seed without an embryo is rejected and left unused.

  • Roundup Spray Out – confirming that each seed lot confers tolerance to Roundup herbicide is critical to field and grower success. Random samples are taken from each seed lot and grown under specific conditions. After seedling germination and the 4-leaf stage is reached, each lot is sprayed with Roundup and analyzed against controls ensuring the seed lot is tolerant to Roundup herbicide. Seedlings not harmed by Roundup carry the desired trait and meet the spray out test standard of live seedlings.

  • Seed treatment efficacy – the application of seed treatments is critical during emergence and stand establishment. Accurate and precise seed treatment application is necessary and each Betaseed seed lot is analyzed using the newest, most technologically advanced testing equipment and methods. Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) measures active ingredient concentration and amounts confirming that seed treatments such as Tachigaren and Poncho Beta are accurately applied and in the correct quantities.