Betaseed, bringing North American sugarbeet growers productivity through performance.


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Betaseed's portfolio of sugarbeet hybrids combines genetic potential with seed technology to optimize in-field results.

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Betaseed Breeding Increases Productivity

Betaseed develops high-performing sugarbeet seed with multiple disease tolerances. Betaseed hybrids endure thousands of seed production and processing tests – all to accelerate productivity for sugarbeet growers.

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The Betaseed Story

Find out how Betaseed became the number one sugarbeet seed brand for growers in North America.

Our story

In 1970 a pickup truck offering sugarbeet seed for sale hit the dusty roads in rural Minnesota in hopes of selling seed to sugarbeet growers. The germplasm within the seed was obtained from a combination of sources: the USDA, proprietary genetics from overseas, and refined genetics that offered a new tool to sugarbeet growers across North America. This new tool was the basis for Betaseed: a company completely devoted to independent breeding, development and distribution of ever-improving sugarbeet performance. Since its inception, Betaseed has been offering productivity and revenue to North American sugarbeet growers. Through our “farm first” approach, Betaseed sugarbeet seed is planted on more farms than any other seed brand.

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Accelerating Productivity

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Breeding & Variety Development

Betaseed plant breeders are bringing genetics to growers with more value than ever before. Five breeding stations work to accelerate sugarbeet seed productivity.

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Weed Management

Weed management has been a crucial portion of sugarbeet crop management since the beginning of sugarbeet cultivation. Betaseed supports sugarbeet farmers in making their sugarbeet fields healthier and more productive than ever before.

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Sugarbeet Seed Calculator

To determine the quantity of sugarbeet seed units needed please enter your planned acreage, row spacing, and seed spacing.

1 unit = 100,000 seeds

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Betaseed News

Hear more from Minnesota grower Ben Askegaard about CR+

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Betaseed Offers New Cercospora Tolerant - Hybrids in Select US Markets

Sugarbeet growers around the world are faced with the devastating disease impact due to Cercospora. Fortunately a new trait has been developed to counter the disease impact to sugarbeets.

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