Betaseed's COVID-19 response

As a seed company, Betaseed is taking the opportunity to express our appreciation for all that you do as a grower to feed and sustain our world. Seed is the starting point and core of our food system. As current events regarding the pandemic continue to evolve, we are communicating our continued commitment to you and the agricultural industry. We are actively managing all our operations to ensure there is no disruption to our customers during the planting season. Seed is being shipped and customer delivery remains on track to be completed as planned.

As an organization, we take the pandemic developments seriously. It is important for us to balance operational requirements and safety to mitigate risk to customers and staff by:

• Following national, state and local rules and orders and

• Following COVID-19 coronavirus recommendations from the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control to maintain social separation and good hygiene habits.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of your seed or business needs, please reach out to your local Independent Sales Agent (ISA)or Betaseed sales manager. Your continued confidence in Betaseed is important to us.

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