Feed Beets

Why Feed Beets?

Beets are high-value feed alternative that can improve livestock healthy, increase feed quality, and positively impact operating margins.

Beets can produce nearly twice the feed value per acre compared to other forage and grains. Research conducted by Betaseed, Inc. has shown that high dry matter levels can be achieved by feeding beets. And beets can be grown in many regions across North America as they adapt easily to most growing conditions. It makes good sense to provide a feeding option that is cost effective, and provides high nutritional value with an essential balance of sugars, pectins, and digestible fibers.

Including Feed Beets in your feed ration maximizes livestock productivity.

  • High in NDFd and low in NDF which creates high feed efficiency
  • Efficient rumination via slow-released sugars that are tied into the fiber
  • Highly palatable to all livestock types

Feeding beets to your herd is straightforward and realistic.

Research has been conducted by veterinarians and nutritionists. Learn more about the benefits of adding Feed Beets into your rations by reading the latest research news and updates.

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