Betaseed Seed Technology

Seed Technology – BetaShield®

Just as technology on the farm has changed with the use of GPS in tractors, planters and harvesters, so has technology changed for seed. Gone are the days of sugarbeet growers spraying fields many times after seedling emergence. In its place is sugarbeet seed treated by our patented BetaShield® process that offers the best seedling and emergence protection available across North America.

Within our state-of-the-art seed processing facility, seed is typically sent through the BetaShield® process to be primed, treated with fungicides and insecticides, and polished which supports required seed spacing. Significant testing is conducted to confirm germination standards are met after treatment application. By offering high quality BetaShield® treated seed, growers may typically reduce after-market chemical applications which may also reduce crop input costs.